Xpose Fashion Panel

Look here, I’m not at these fancy out events so the only thing I can do is judge the outfits that do go! Along with Suzanne Jackson and Jules Fallon we dissected the red carpet looks of the week.

Both Reese Witherspoon and Selena Gomez lacked a complete cool look. Nice outfits and both worn by pretty girls but that was it. I want more attidtude from a look. Pay attention to shoes, accessores and hair. Otherwise its a pretty girl in a pretty dress. A slight yawn factor for me. 


These two were a big ole thumbs up from me. I reckon Ellie Goulding rocked it in this Emanuel Ungaro SS16 number in a hip, young and very cool way. Lupita Nyong'O was just womanly and gorgeous. The colour was perfect with her skin tone. It was womanly, sexy, classic, elegant and very modern chic all at once. Find me another dress on another girl that does that.


These two may have forgotten to actually put anything on, but hell if I  had a bod like that, I’d possibly ‘forget’ too! It felt a little cheap all round.

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By Emma Manley