Today in the Manley Studio - Fashion Meets Tech

Quick introduction first of all. Eoin anseo, full-time husband to Emma and part-time (unpaid) CTO, CMO, Chief Heavy Lifting Officer etc to Manley.

Stepping out from behind the tangle of network cables and site code briefly to bring you a new Manley platform which we're hoping will help you (Manley Fans) keep up with whats going on at Manley HQ. 

That platform is a new (Amazon) Alexa Flash Briefing Skill called 'Today in the Manley Studio'. While Manley is well known for constantly pushing the boundaries of Fashion and Style, we believe that Manley has and must also push the boundaries of technology and communications, as it relates to Fashion, in order to survive, grow and connect with fans and customers wherever they may be.

Right now this is a basic voice activated skill that gives fans a quick update on whats going on in the Manley Studio. But who's to say where it can go, like our collections we innovate we learn, we adjust and we grow. 

Its hard to keep up with Fashion right? And its even harder to keep up with whats happening in your favourite Irish Fashion Brands' studio right? Well no more with 'Today in the Manley Studio'. Add 'Today in the Manley Studio' same as you would any other flash briefing and get a daily update from Emma and her team. 

How to add the 'Today in the Manley Studio' skill:

1. Just open up you Amazon Alexa app on your mobile device. 2. Select Skills from the side navigation. 3. Pop 'Manley' in the search bar. 4. Tap on the 'Today in the Manley Studio' skill and enable the skill.

The 'Today in the Manley Studio' skill will then be added to your Flash Briefings which can be activated via "Alexa, what's my Flash Briefing?" or "Alexa, what's in the news?".