And the Winner is!

Design your Future Final *Part 13 tasks down and the final is here. Oasis and Ireland AM ‘Design Your Future’ competition see’s three very talented fashion students & fashion grads fight it out for the grand prize … a years paid internship with Oasis in the design studios, Shoreditch and their very own capsule collection that will be sold in Oasis stores throughout Ireland.

The final task was to design an outfit that would be the start of their final collection to be sold in Oasis store. The outfit should be shop floor ready and show off both design and technical talent.

Maria, Regina and Catherine all showed us what they were made of in this final task with three beautiful and very different outfits. There can only be one winner. For both myself and Clive {design director @Oasis}, there was one girl who showed us that she not only did she have great technical skills and design skills but that she also understood the Oasis customer.

A MASSIVE congrats to Catherine. It was a pleasure seeing her grow through each task and go on to a much deserved win. So looking forward to seeing her capsule collection in Oasis!

It all played on on Ireland AM so watch and enjoy

Oasis Design Your Future Final
Oasis Design Your Future Final

Oasis ‘Design Your Future’ Competition

I was asked to be guest judge for the Oasis ‘Design Your Future’ competition … and I said yes very quickly! 65 applicants were narrowed down to ten through various interview stages. From this, there will be only one winner. The chosen one will be heading straight to Shoreditch, London, for a one year paid internship with the Oasis design team … yup, you heard right, dream internship!

Oasis Design Your Future Comp Task 1
Oasis Design Your Future Comp Task 1

On Tuesday, task one ‘A Cut Above’, took place in NCAD Dublin. You can see what happened below and judge for yourselves … did myself and Ian send the right people home?!?!?!

Oasis 'Design Your Future' Competition Part *1