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Manley Maternity on the Red Carpet!

Saturday night was the Gossie Awards 2019. I was up for Designer of the year along with Don O’Neil, Lennon Courtney, Paul Costello and Zoe Jordan. Sadly I didn't walk away with the trophy, the legend that is Paul Costelloe did and deservedly so.


I did get the chance to make me a Manley that was fit for the red carpet and for my burgeoning bump. Growing this bump has taught me a lot about about the challenges women face dressing not only day to day but for events when they’re pregnant. It’s not easy, believe me, and I will get my ass in gear to get Manley Maternity to you as soon as I possibly can. Lets just go about having this baby first and then I can tackle that obstacle!

This dress came about when I was trying on some Manley’s in preparation for the gossies. I was trying on anything that could either possibly fit, or alternatively, something that was along the lines of what I wanted. My Manley Bride wedding dress came out of the closet and bam, it fit perfectly.

I’m one of those IBS sufferers so for me, on my wedding day, comfort was key and having the ability to disguise a bad IBS bloated tummy day was a necessity. Turns out that style is Manley to begin with but very translatable to Maternity too!

This red carpet dress is literally my wedding dress just in leather and studded. I know I will wear this dress for a wedding in a few weeks when I’m 39 weeks pregnant and I will wear it again for my nieces communion post baby in May. It’s one of those that I will feel comfortable and confident in no matter what's going on in my tummy region and that's what I love about it, it’s not just for maternity but post baby too.

Thank You, For Being You <3

Emma Manley, Founder and Creative Director, writing you today, the 1st of January 2018 from the Manley Studio, Dublin 8.

Seven years ago in London, I packed my bags for the very last time, to make the move home to Ireland for good, to set up Manley.

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