Kellogg’s Special K ‘Life in Colour’

I’m used to doing bespoke dresses, its part and parcel of the job, but this custom made dress was a very different story!

The aim of the ‘Life in Colour’ campaign is to  inject a little colour into the everyday. With this, Special K approached me with a brief to create a dress that shows off the powerful effects colour has on us. The catch? The dress was to be made from balloons!

Lets be honest, embellishment is my thing, but embellishment with balloons? It was never going to be easy! The dress had to be constructed last minute to make sure that we didn’t have a heap of deflated wrinkled balloons draped off Karen Koster who was to be the beautiful face behind the ‘Life in Colour’ campaign.

The ‘Life in Colour’ dress was to be launched on Thursday morning starting with a photocall at Dun Laoighre pier. At 4:30am, the team arrived in Dun Laoighre for hair and  make up. 6am sharp we were on the pier, ready to get that perfect picture at sunrise.  

Dun Laoighre Pier

Dun Laoighre Pier

The bodice of the dress was made from leather and hand cut with a decorative scalloped edge. The skirt was constructed from layers of tulle onto which hundreds of balloons were sewn. The under layer were single bright coloured balloons which gave a strong colourful base. Onto those I layered transparent balloons filled with cut up balloons from the under layer to create a confetti effect. The balloons increased in size from the waist going towards the hem.

The Merrion hotel hosted the official press launch for the ‘Life in Colour’ campaign. There a delish Special K infused breakie was served to press while Darren Kennedy hosted the event. He spoke with Karen Koster, the face of the ‘Life in Colour’, myself, the designer behind the dress of balloons and Clinical psychologist Dr Eddie Murphy about the power of colour and the impact it can have on our everyday lives.

So what happens to a dress made of balloons? It eventually deflates and so this is not a Manley you’ll be finding in the shops any time soon!