Dublin Sample Sale holler!

Dublin Sample Sale holler!

We all love a good sample sale right? Well how about one featuring eight deadly Irish fashion, jewellery and accessory designers? Yeah, we've got your attention now!

We’re kicking off our four day sample sale on Wednesday March 7th in the Fumbally Exchange, Dame Lane, Dublin. Join us for the launch party where we'll have some serious tunage and late night shopping. We understand that shopping is thirsty work, so we'll have you covered on that front too 🍻

Bring along your Mum, your sisters, your friends, your GBFF, your work colleagues, your fella, bring whoever you like, the more the merrier!

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Back to the Grafton Academy I go!

The Grafton Academy is where my Mum got her diploma in Fashion Design. 30 years later, I graduated with my very own diploma in Fashion Design!

The Grafton Academy asked if I would come in and chat with the student about my journey thus far and how Manley got to be where it is today. I remember how beneficial those talks were to me when I was in college so I jumped at the chance.

There was a great turn out, plenty of great questions and so many of the students seemed incredibly passionate about their studies. Oh how I remember those days!

Irish Designer Emma Manley



Manley Jewellery was ready and raring to go, but how would we launch it? With a little help from the most famous woman in Dublin of course!!! And so, #MollyLovesManley was born.

It involved a stupidly early start and accessorising Molly for the big day!

The campaign was done solely through twitter and we asked our followers to come on down to the Molly Malone statue, get their selfie with Molly and her new Manley and tweet it with #MollyLovesManley.
We had girls, mums and baby duo's, mum and daughter duo’s, couples, boys doing it for their girlfriends, a fella doing it for his sister, the works!