Super Stylish Coffee is Here!

Team Manley have been feeling particularly festive in the studio since May due to our, just launched, collaboration with Insomnia. From here until Christmas you’ll be drinking your gingerbread lattes and daily dose of coffee from the most fashionable coffee cup there ever was!

We teamed the iconic white Christmas with what is at the heart of Manley’s aesthetic, leather and embellishment. Intricate laser cut, studded leather snowflakes have been crafted into a contemporary and powerful motif that conjures up the spirit of Christmas. The cup comes in three designs and we reckon you need to try all three to know which is truly your favourite!

To get us all in the Christmas spirit, we want to reward Manley fans slurping from the Manley cup! Get a pic of you in your Manley along with your Manley cup from Insomnia and tweet, instagram or facebook us with the hashtag #MyManleyCup. Each week we’ll be rewarding the best #MyManleyCup’ers with some mighty fine Manley. You’ve got to be looking your best for the impending Christmas parties right?!

And it doesn’t stop there. Insomnia are promising to make one lucky person’s Christmas wish, their command. All you have to do it tweet, instagram or facebook a pic of your Manley cup with the hashtag #LoveBeingFestive along with your wish.

I’m pretty excited to get my caffeine fix in a Manley, aren’t you?

Emma and The Manley Team x