SS16 Fabric Sourcing AHOY!

The start of a season, where all the fun starts. No limitations our boundaries … just yet! It’s a time to gather inspiration, experiment with new colour palettes and time to choose fabrics for the coming season.

04:50am alarm call, 07:00am flight and I’m in Milan by 10:30am having caught up on fashion mags and having made lists for the day ahead.

It’s important to go over with a clear plan on what I’m looking for and what I need. Otherwise I get caught up in all the beautiful fabric offerings and completely lose sight of what I have already decided on for the season.

I was packing in so much that my first meeting was held in Bergamo airport. Yup, the airport, not as glamourous as you thought! Beautiful fabrics are beautiful fabrics no matter where you see them right?!



Though a flying visit, 19 hours to be precise, there’s always time to grab lunch on the go. Check this out for Italy’s version of petrol station grub, not bad eh! Beats the jambons and coke that Ireland offers!




The remainder of the day was spent travelling from fabric mill to fabric mill, scouring through books of fabric samples. I need to be decisive about what I do and don’t like but also what I do and don’t NEED, because otherwise I end up coming home with too many samples and that just makes the decision process longer and harder. See the fabric mills is always a pleasure. I love being that close to the process, knowing where it came from, how it’s treated and I feel it informs me better on how to use it.

And so it’s time to bring my bag full of samples back to Dublin. With all the rushing, there’s no harm in having a little airport grub and a glass of the good stuff. Make that two glasses of the good stuff, my flight was delayed by three hours ...