Dublin Sample Sale holler!

We all love a good sample sale right? Well how about one featuring eight deadly Irish fashion, jewellery and accessory designers? Yeah, we've got your attention now!

We’re kicking off our four day sample sale on Wednesday March 7th in The Fumbally Exchange, Dame Lane, Dublin. Join us for the launch party where we'll have some serious tunage and late night shopping. We understand that shopping is thirsty work, so we'll have you covered on that front too 🍻

Bring along your Mum, your sisters, your friends, your GBFF, your work colleagues, your fella, bring whoever you like, the more the merrier!

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The Who?

Manley /// www.manley.ie

Jill De Burca /// http://jilldeburca.com/

Mona Swims /// https://monaswims.com/

Edge Only /// https://edgeonly.com/

Maria Dorai Raj /// http://www.mariadorairaj.com/

FAO /// https://www.faomillinery.com/

Coletti /// http://www.coletti.ie/

Drift Knits /// http://www.driftknits.com/



The Where?

The Fumbally Exchange, Dame Lane, Dublin. 


The When?

Wednesday March 7th /// 12 - 9pm launch party kicking off at 5pm

Thursday March 8th /// 10am - 7pm

Friday March 9th /// 10am - 7pm

Saturday March 10th /// 10am - 6pm


The Why?

Eight amazing Irish Fashion, Accessory and Jewellery Designers under one roof... you’d want to be cracked not to be there!