Bye Bye to the GEC

Today is a happy/sad day. Just over two years ago, I made the leap to move from a studio in my family home, to the Guinness Enterprise Centre. I wanted to give Manley the best shot at growing at the GEC seemed like the perfect place to make that happen. We moved into Suite 63 in January 2014. At the time, our new studio seemed huge but as Manley grew, the studio was quickly running out of space for team Manley. All good things must come to an end and so our time in the GEC has too.

Getting to know other business owners, entrepreneurs etc has been incredibly inspiring and sparked many new friendships. Learning that all other businesses go through the same highโ€™s and lowโ€™s as Manley was a revelation! Itโ€™s all about helping each other through the lowโ€™s and celebrating together the highโ€™s.

Team GEC have been amazing. Whether it be the smiles on the girls faces every morning as you walk through reception, the waves from Andy and Joe at security when youโ€™re leaving at a sinfully late hour, the chit chats from Ray & Co in the canteen when youโ€™re fuelling up on coffee, they are all there with a helping hand and urging you and your business forward.

Itโ€™s not completely over, Iโ€™m staying on as a co-worker so Iโ€™ll get my weekly dose of the GEC for some time yet! The GEC really is #BestPlacetoGrow.

And so, our new Manley HQ is yet to be revealed but sheโ€™s coming along nicely and when sheโ€™s ready, weโ€™ll show her off!